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Does Mechanic Kelowna replace/repair your car’s chipped windshield

You have probably seen someone driving around town with a cracked windshield. It could even be you and you see no problem with that. It is not strange that this happens. Windshields crack or chip all the time. The question you should ask is: Are you putting yourself in any risk? Definitely yes and here are concrete reasons to call mechanic Kelowna instead of driving around with a cracked windshield;

It will be costly in the long run

Some cracks are tiny and would be wiped out of the windshield with a simple repair procedure. However, some auto owners decide to ignore the issue until it turns into a gaping hole. When this happens, repairs will not be enough. You will have to dig deeper into your pocket for a windshield replacement.

Weak protection

Have you ever asked yourself why the windshield is such an important part of your vehicle? For your information, 30% of your vehicle’s structural support comes from the windshield. It is one of the reasons why your car’s overhead part does not cave in. It also protects you from harsh weather elements, debris from accidents, and anything else that would put your safety in line of danger. With cracks and chips, the windshield does not do all these to 100% efficiency.

Gets bigger and worse

Do not expect the crack or chip to remain the same size; it gets bigger each day. Every pothole you hit or impact your car goes through has the potential to increase the size of the crack. Wind and heat will also make sure the crack gets worse. You have to do something right away or else it will be a costly affair when you finally decide to seek professional help.

Visibility takes a beating

With the crack getting bigger, and depending on its position, you may find yourself struggling to see what lies ahead of you. This can get worse at nights and it is only a matter of time until you are involved in an accident that you could have avoided.

You are breaking the cardinal rule of prevention is better than cure

While there are no immediate repercussions for driving your car with a chipped windshield, you are breaking one very important principle. Prevention of more damage has never cost anyone much and it will not start with you. However insignificant the crack seems, take it to the experts for the necessary action.

Do you replace or repair a cracked windshield?

Well, this comes down to the size of the crack. If it is 12 inches or less, the crack can easily be repaired to restore the integrity of your windshield. That is why you should be proactive even on the smallest chips. Always have it checked and repaired as soon as it appears. When the damage is significant, replacing the entire windshield is the way to go. This will definitely cost you more, but your safety will never be under any threat. It is the little things that make massive difference and dealing with windshield chips as soon as they occur is one of such.

Car Tires Are Not Just Rubber

All contemporary cars and truck tires are now radial. Car tires are a significant blight on the environment, and there are a billion vehicle tires stockpiled in our country. Re-treaded automobile tires are made in accordance with standards. Today’s passenger-car tires are much safer at much higher speeds than 80 mph. While passenger-car tires are almost all radials these days, ST tires are still readily available in bias-belted building. We all understand that our vehicle tires are filled with air and that at particular times the air pressure in them reduces. They are constructed to provide excellent traction and handling. This defines performance, labeling, and accreditation requirements for retreaded pneumatic automobile tires. Higher-performance tires have softer, grip pier rubber with much shorter tread life. There are numerous levels of performance tires readily available on the marketplace, from full-on race tires to general usage automobile tires.

There are various kinds of performance tires that are offered in the market. Performance and luxury touring tires are peaceful and handle extremely well, in some cases it is difficult to believe that these kinds of tires are having the ability to produce results like this. When using efficiency tires they have the tendency to use out quicker than normal everyday automobile tires that you would put on family cars and trucks.  In the most basic of operations you can determine your chosen car or off-road automobile and subsequently mount the rims of your option aesthetically on the automobile. Plus-sizing is an option that enables automobile owners to customize their vehicle by installing lower aspect ratio tires on larger- and larger-diameter rims. Lightweight metal rims are also readily available on the market. The speed rankings of Goodyear traveler car tires are noted on the “Sizes Specifications” pages in the Car/Light Truck Tire Catalog. The materials and tooling Goodyear has actually developed to construct its race tires help it construct better traveler car tires.   Your speedometer will not check out the right speed if your car tires are not the correct size.

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